Freight Train – Limited Edition Print


Edition of 150
The unstoppable Rothmans Porsche 956/962’s of the ‘80’s. Rothmans Porsche won 4 times, the 956/962’s won 6 in a row, 1982 – 1987


Paper Prints and Canvas Giclées:

All of my prints on paper or on canvas are technically giclées, which are printed here in my studio. A giclée is a digital print that has much better color, color stability, and detail, than lithographs of only a few years ago.

Paper used is a very high quality archival 100% cotton rag. I’ve used a number of different papers over the years, this stuff is gorgeous.  Image color is remarkably stable, these prints will easily outlast us!Each print is hand signed, titled and numbered. Most newer editions max out at 150 pieces, some as few as 50.My standard size is a sheet that is 28”X22”. The image is 20” – 22” wide, which leaves a substantial border. I do this for a number of reasons:28/22 is a “standard” off the shelf frame size, meaning you can pick out a frame at, for example, Aaron brothers, and for an extra $25 or so they will professionally mount the print for you. So instead of a custom frame that costs you $250+, you can quickly have very nice ready to hang piece for under $100.00!Best practice is to not remove the print(s) from the shipping tube until you get to the shop. You can mount the print with or without a mat.You can cut the print down to fit a smaller frame if you wish.In-as-much as I print here in the studio I can custom prints at any size, but prices will depend on size, although a smaller print won’t reduce the price by very much, if at all.

Canvas Giclées

Canvas giclées are all custom printed. Almost any image available as a print can be made on canvas, and can usually go up to about 42” wide without losing much detail.  If you want bigger, I can go huge, but the image may appear “soft” when viewed up close.After printing I mount (stretch) each canvas and take it back in the studio where I add a number of touches to bring out some detail, and/or punch up some contrast to make each one unique. I will usually paint over my signature and repaint it.  After the paint dries I will varnish the finished piece so it has a nice consistent luster. When viewed in the right light it will have the slightly textured appearance of an original. Canvas giclées are best framed without glass. If you prefer to hang the finished piece without a frame, I can use a thicker wood stretcher bar and paint the edges so it looks finished without a frame.Pricing:Pricing depends on size, but for reference a 42” X 32” giclée is $925.00, a 30” X 24” would be $480.00.   Add $30 for the 1½“ deep stretcher bars. Let me know if you have a particular request for edge color. I can’t guarantee an exact match to your chaise lounge, but I’ll try! I usually use a dark color that works with the colors in the painting.


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